Sad and lonely

A lay in bed and I’m struggling.

First time this week or so I feel the need to blog. Some changes have happened and I’m smiling I’m happy being around someone, my face hurts I smile and I laugh like I can’t remember when. 

But I’m enjoying so much becoming best friends with her as she is so special.

But my family is falling apart, two members are failing there battles and one I’m so close to is failing, it doesn’t break my heart it tears my heart, it’s all happened so fast and it’s so scary, I cuddle my pillow right now wishing I wasn’t alone, tonight was a struggle till I went out, someone knows me well too well made me smile held my hand and made me feel loved.

I need to get away from work, from aeroplanes from life, there’s only one way and I can’t way for my weekend to get in a bubble.

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