What a night

What a night.

I laughed this evening more then I can remember over nothing, I smiled at my phone for the first time in a long time.
But that soon got put to one side, I finally told this girl face to face she just wasn’t for me.
It didn’t go down well and I hate seeing someone cry, specially over me I wouldn’t waste a tear on me.
She told me I’m making a mistake saying she wasn’t for me and that it was just my mood atm and how she can help me.
But she didn’t realise she isn’t helping me someone has helped me more in 24 hours then she has in weeks.
But the tears are heart breaking and being called a user wasn’t nice, but did I???
I’m laying in bed wide awake I feel terrible, my phone is going off over an over an over again begging to see me over the weekend.
I’m dreading this weekend as it is with out this, I need to get smashed can’t remember the last time I was, temptation to open a beer now is massive.

My mood was so good earlier now it’s back to feeling bad and feeling like a terrible person again 😦

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