Struggling to cope

I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I’m not interested in anything and I don’t wanna talk to anyone.
Yet I’m lonely and I’m tired.

My loneliness is tearing me to shreds atm, I literally have spoken with one person who isn’t sure they wanna speak with me.

Iv been told my ex partner doesn’t hate me, yet doesn’t wanna talk with me either, guess it means I’m a bad person I am the awful person everyone thinks, I hate myself I hate it hate it.
This wouldn’t be the case if i was a nice person but I’m not or people would want to talk to me people wouldn’t care about anything because they would wanna talk to me 😦

I’m lost totally lost and Iv no one nothing at all.

The last couple of weeks Iv lost everything, I have been doing so well and made so many changes I was there making a success but now I’m back to the bottom, last few days Iv thought about suicide and self harming.

People complain about loneliness but hardly anyone knows the loneliness I am describing, it’s not just no girlfriend or boyfriend this is having nothing, it’s tearing me apart.

I’m struggling to cope and I’m done

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