Asleep at 2100 last night, ate a takeaway in my room, got one text message…from someone I’m not bothered by with a message I can only take wasn’t true, luckily I take with a pinch of salt.

I woke up this morning, nothing on my phone at all, feel rather awake and want to say good morning, ask someone is, see how someone’s night was anything and to anyone who’s actually interested, I’m just bored of my own company, lonely is not the word.

The feeling of wanting someone just to chat to, the feeling of wanting to say let’s have a coffee or a beer an hour in my day that’s different, or just seeing someone’s name on my phone of someone who isn’t after anything.

My birthday is doing my brain Inn, my brother still wanting me to come along, but why everyone is coupled up even my bro and I’m just the guy with no one to even talk to let alone be my partner, the one person who i care about the most hates my guts and definitely won’t talk to me regardless what I’m being told…

Trying to work out what’s so wrong with me? I’m nearly 32 I want to settle down have a simple happy life, but I’m no where near it I don’t even have anyone to talk to now!!

I getting to the end of my patients with it all now

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