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So it lunchtime as a criminal, community service where I belong.
Iv thrown my dinner in the bin and have just a drink for lunch, Iv not spoken really to anyone just been in a daze all morning.
I have battled sooo hard for so long to get somewhere I can’t believe Iv let this happen, but I’m not fighting it anymore I can’t be bothered I spend my life fighting/trying just all this crap what’s the point.
This girl won’t stop, won’t leave me alone and I’m finding I reply when I don’t want to because literally I have no one.
I seen my ex blog and again it makes me sad I don’t want to read she’s struggling, I feel some what responsible for a nosey Parker’s input I feel I’m making her sad and that this persons input is making her hate me even more and like I previously said the magnitude of this hate has torn me to peaces.
Reading she wants to talk with anyone literally anyone….that’s literally anyone in the world…except me, soul destroying right now I’d give anything to talk to her help her and get some advice from her too just tell someone about my day anything, Iv just had enough right now.
This whole situation is a complete mess and it shouldn’t be this way at all.

Today I didn’t wanna get up didn’t wanna wake up, even thought about not showing up to this so I end up in prison anything to just have someone to talk too, I can’t take what this situation is doing to me.

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