I’m done

Great back to being watched people think I’m gonna do something stupid.

Im fine I won’t, they have seen the scratches, can’t explain! I want to punish self again, this is all my fault everything is Jamie’s fault, I hate myself more then anyone else can.

my heart broke today being told how much she still hates me in a week she asked for pictures of her and her boyfriend to be sent to me, the magnitude of this hate is getting to me.

I miss this girl, I can never hate her I care a lot for her, but for her to hate me this much means I’m the evil person I thought.

I want to suffer, I want her to feel I’m being punished.

Cant do it anymore, my fights gone I’m just gonna lay back and watch my life fall to shreds I hate it as it is.

im truely lonely Iv spoken to no one accept a guy telling me she hates me 😦

im done

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