Bit p***ed off

What has happened today…

I was at work minding my own business when someone from my past msg me I still to this moment have no idea why, thought he was being nice to me but now from other blogs I think his been stirring the pot.

I am fine, I wrote some rubbish blogs recently but I’m struggling a little with life not people or past issues. I have 3 shifts lefts at a job I adore and have been back a week from an amazing weekend away with the boys….the mixture of work and holiday blues is sad, my friend has stopped talking to me…so it’s been tough but it’s no ones fault.

I was msging earlier thinking that he cared he wanted to do some good, but to read there sad and upset tells me his done completely the opposite.

Life atm is exceptionally difficult, don’t make it even harder for us!!!

Then to top it off my mum has msgs from a conversation nothing to do with us…Iv no idea what’s happening today.

But I’m in bed already and I just wanna be left alone.

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