Police again

I am trying to laugh right now…. but I have had yet another visit from police as now her brother has reported me.

WTF is going on?

I am SORRY all I tried to do was win my girlfriend back someone I loved and still do love, but now your out to destroy my life why? Explain to me why? This is totally uncalled for I messed i get it, but there’s making someone pay and there is this.

I can’t take anymore of it.

I did nothing but love my girlfriend, I dedicated my life her was loyal and did my best to help her and make her happy. All I did was try to force her to give me some time to enable me to talk her round. I wasn’t violent or anything.

Yet now I’m a criminal, I have no future Iv lost my dreams the only people who visit me are police atm. My girlfriend hates me and is dating already.

I have nothing literally nothing at all and she’s making sure I suffer too, I thought she loved me 😦

I can’t take anymore of this what life is this, how do you do this to someone let alone someone you made believe you wanted to marry.

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