Why why why

I woke up to some good news she all okay and yes this has even made me smile 🙂

Why do I care, why should I care… it’s something no one will ever understand, I can’t control my love.

This whole situation is crazy, we are best friends too we miss each other we miss life I know it.
I sit at home doing nothing I potter about walk to costa alone sit in the sun alone other wise I do nothing I don’t talk to anyone accept one friend who’s more like my sister that is literally it no one, I am beyond lonely.
I can’t explain how much I miss her but I don’t hate her at all, her picture still sits on my wall she’s my best friend.

Just hate this mess we both in exactly the same boat wishing life was different, I keep dreaming she’s going to rock up at mine and I wish hey, but I can’t rock up at hers 😦

Omg life is a mess I long to hold her hand, do go for a drink to watch a stupid dating show to walk along the beach to play scrabble anything just to be with my best friend in the whole wide world.

Right now I’m about to drive to my brothers work to give him a pair of shoes…just for something to do…madness

What can I do to have my life back to what it was?

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