….can’t continue

The outcome of any this is not a result of Aimee.

I messed up again, and her family decided I wasn’t allowed to be with her. I don’t no how i continue.

I spent 8 months of my life destroyed, I missed a human being more then Iv ever missed anyone in my life. Everyday I had to read about her life her dating and her dying I had to read it all!!! I read the animal in which she described that being me and I hated myself for it, I tried to punish myself by cutting my self as she did it too.

This week she let me back in, she told me she loved me I nearly cried when she did I was so happy we planned what we wanted to do next someone had helped give us another try it didn’t feel real. Now she hates me again, he family won’t let her anywhere near me and she blames me for getting upset .

i can’t take anymore of this guilt I just wanted to be with the girl who wants me.

I love her so much and I’m so sorry


One thought on “….can’t continue”

  1. Mate please answer my msgs. You don’t have anything to blame for yourself for please don’t punish yourself.
    You have me and Kirst and even Aimee loves you pal. Please talk to us


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