Another day and I can’t move from my bed. I can’t answer any of my calls or texts.

This really hurts, really hurts.

When we meet back up I realised how perfect she is, perfect for me we are like to peas in a pod. Absolute soulmates.

I wanna runaway from Essex with her away from everyone. I want me and her to be happy and then let people accept us, other people’s opinions don’t matter. It’s us that matter I want to come home to my family my Aimee and our family I’m not gonna home to see my twin and Mum everyday. I want to stand at the church and say I do to my soulmate not the next best thing and who ever stands in the church with us is a bonus it’s about me and my bride. I want our first house together we know it will be no where near here so we should just go do it.

So much I wish right now, I know my reaction upset her but it upset me too. Massively. I was just hurting in abso pain.

I just wish for a girlfriend cuddle or the holding of my hand, I miss all this so much. Her voice everything I dream of her all the time.


I wish there was a way we could be together I wish there was.

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