Today my hearts been wripped out and my life destroyed.
We were together 3 days 3 amazing day back in love, we always were. She was smiling away she told me she was so happy but scarred of her family’s reaction.
She stayed last night and I convinced my Mum to accept my choice she told me how much she loved me.
An was excited to tell her brother who said no you have to choose because he hates me for somthing I never did. She has to choose her family ofcourse….but what about me? What’s about us? What about our future?
I was accused of controlling Aimee yet these people are doing it, she In peace’s but they don’t care about that.

My friends are so angry I was treated this way 😢 I’m devistated. I don’t no what I’m gonna do….why would she do this to me? My friend said maybe she wanted me to suffer again maybe she still hates me, but surely not surely she would, surely?

Iv been told off by the police for trying to talk to her. I did nothing wrong I just let her destroy me again and I’m blocked out of her life again dropped so easily 😢 I can’t bounce back anymore I can’t re do all this again 😦 I give up on life Iv had enough it ends now.

She’s all I ever dreamed of and this is so cruel from people who wrongly blamed me and again I pay the price

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