Time to go


I wanna apologise for being really difficult recently. I wanna thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. I may have lost someone I care about but Iv have people who cares back at me too. My head is struggling my body’s doesn’t like me much, yet I can’t continue like this anymore….an writtint this I’m crying my eyes out 🙈
I’m really scarred or writting a whole new chapter and it not being what I planned….but I have to 😢😔

I am a 31 year chap, who spends his life worrying about someone who just wants to hurt him. I sit here now so upset, I’m off work because it’s getting so bad.

But enough is enough, I will battle this life alone if I have too, it has to be better then fighting for someone who doesn’t even like me anymore!!!

With the post I say goodbye…

I will be back