Painting the pic

Brunette, stunning eyes, beautiful smile and the best wittiest personality I ever know.She has the heart bigger then one of my aircrafts, she cares to much what people say and what people do.

She had been treated bad by people family friends, life’s not a competition but she’s been treat like second best when in fact she is the best. She is hard working and put everything into everything. She is the greatest baker ever I never ate anything I didn’t like, she’s an amazing cook. She is the best girlfriend I ever had she was constantly thinking about me the small things she remembered the strength she showed and the support she gave.
I am so heart broken and my family so gutted because we all adored the human she is, I miss her smile every single second.
I don’t blame, I have answered questions that’s all I have a broken heart that can’t get an answer there are so many feelings but feelings and facts are not the same.
So I get out my paint brush and I tell the world that she is the most incredible human being I ever meet!!!!

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