I don’t hate my past as she calls me. Today was brewing into an argument and part me wanted it this conversation has been needed for exactly 4/5 months… how ever we don’t need anymore arguments. I’m not allowed to talk to her at present at her request. But she reads my blog so I was gonna delete it and start a fresh…however Iv decided something else, I’m gonna blog for me to show her…she maybe doesn’t care in my head but I know she does just it’s a little easier for her then me to hide.So I have decided I want to make some changes in my life style and I would like to blog about them every other day I want to try and experience or do something new. I’m maybe gonna cut the online dating it’s not helping tbh, I am trying to replace someone I don’t want to be replaced.
So I intend to blog my changes my challenges, I intend not to blog about the past if possible i defiantly won’t blog about the past person in a negative way. Maybe il never get to see her again, however If I love her like I say I do I will do as she says and even make myself into a better version of me, I clearly have the potential as people like me maybe it’s time I tried to like me too!
Sorry to my friends, my family, my colleges and most of all…her.
Don’t blog to moan about me, don’t judge me, don’t write me off for ever and mainly remember Iv been through the same hell just I didn’t get the support others have.
This is my challenge I want to share with you guys.

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