The moment when

Last week I made a girl cry, I made her cry because she told me I was amazing I had made her smile and how I was one the greatest people she has ever meet…I said well I can’t be because right now there’s only one girl I can still only think about.I told her I was the guy I’m painted to be on blogs I failed and am still failing my ex girlfriend.

I made her cry, I’m about to make another cry who says she’s falling for me…but all I can think of is someone who hates me and then to top it off the one I do love I make her cry too.
I cried last night because I’m sick, I weigh 2pounds more then an anorexic I have had flu for 5 weeks now I can’t run with out being sick I don’t sleep yet I am constantly tired, last night it upset me I let someone make me feel so ill it’s affecting my everyday life, how am I ever gonna do the marathon in this state. 
But unfortunately my words were carried away my emotions were carried away.
I repeat myself over and over and over…now it’s my memories everything I do reminds me of you Aimee, I have been smiling about the memories but I now feel they were all fake the dreams were made up the everything wasn’t real, the only things that seem real is the hospital image I see the visits to A & E the holding hands at the eating clinics the mental health ward this is stuff I remember but no one else does. I read how people don’t talk to her because she tells them she’s ill, no body else in the world would have done what I did yet I am nothing not a thought not a care I’m a nothing. 
I do feel used so do my family, but I’m not allowed to explain it, my mum took her in loved her to peace’s my brother drove her about, we did everything to her yeti don’t deserve not even an adult conversation.
I have been used a blame tool in an illness I’m not responsible for, it’s easy to blame me for food and mental health when really it’s not true. I am not the evil person Iv have made out to be all this is because I cared I cared when she was in hospital when no one else did I did because I loved her I wanted to protect her not rule her yet it’s been twisted and even now I have to ignore her but I can’t why you ask… because I care still because this doesn’t make sense it’s like a movie…yet not a single person can see it from my point of view.
Now visualise this, you love someone so much you want to marry them, you think about them every single day every morning you smile to wake up next to them, you change you whole day to please them you spend all your money to see them smile and it’s not because your controlling them no it’s because you love someone, you watch them cry when there sick you want there illness you wanna take a bullet just to see them smile, you kiss them goodbye and spend a day worrying about there first day not knowing that the kiss was the last you will ever see of her again and last proper conversation. Then your hated your alone you have nothing but a tx saying they feel nothing, then the family turn on you too they blame you, your used to tell the hospital its your fault,friends turn too they agree it’s a good excuse. Before you know you’ve lost everything you try to understand you try to talk but nothing some abuse maybe that’s all, you don’t understand she loved me why now this. It’s constant you go over an over it you blame your self it must be my fault, you hurt yourself you punish yourself you read every book available as your such an awful person. The blogs continue and all your blogs on thoughts are bait to another picture a black one this evil person. You try so hard but no one sees what it’s like on this side, I’m not in hospital so its simple I should just go on dates get a new girlfriend simple…but it’s not because she wasn’t a one night bit fun, she wasn’t a trophy girl she was perfection she was perfect for me, I thought she was my future bride. I cry and I Blog about struggling and I’m told I’m wallowing!!! The feeling I get when I know strangers are more important then me the guy who dragged her to A&E all them months ago, if a new guy msgs on pof it’s more important then me, I would do it all again tomorrow for her and it annoys me I love her yet why am I such a door mat.
I don’t understand how I went from thinking about my wedding day to praying for my funeral.
I just wanna talk like normal adults about rain anything tbh but no 😢
I don’t paint a bad picture she’s unreal incredible I could continue but none of them will describe her, I can’t explain what my heart does when it sees her i can’t explain how much I miss her.
This is a mess and I have to wake up soon surely

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