So Iv been busy driving, i away.

I get a text from someone telling me I need to give her stuff now or next weekend which I can’t. 

I then get blamed for her being in hospital it’s my fault I had told people earlier she wouldn’t be there and they now have to visit daily.

Yet when she was ill I had no choice if I had told them she would never talk to me again she said…what do I do? Yet I am my family we’re the only ones who looked after her and now all a sudden they blame me for her being aneroxic it’s my fault she’s In hospital.

I’m being told I abused her and harass her I don’t at all, I miss her I’m confused but now everyone moving there guilt on me.

Iv already stopped eatting, cutting myself, don’t sleep I can’t feel any more guilty….I’m worried I’m gonna do somit bad now.
I don’t deserve to be alive 😦 

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