The fight

So my brain is fighting with its self.peoples advice is all different my heart my head are not sure. It’s confusing.I freaked the other day, been blocked for so long I got used to the odd msg helping me knowing it wouldn’t send…but Monday it delivered, I dropped my phone on the floor and panicked like mad.

But why? I’d dreamed of hearing from her and what not but right now I jump every time my phone lights up incase it’s her I’d be to scarred to read a text from her yet it’s all I want at the same time.

I’m scarred it will be horrible she has so much hate towards me it’s unreal, I don’t wanna be shouted at.

My councillor suggested I try talking with her, I said she hates me…but she like everyone else says she doesn’t she’s just not well which I understand but I just feel she does hate me and blame me.

I read her blog about how she’s getting on and it’s amazing she’s getting better but heart breaking to hear her brains trying to fight with her over the ilness.

I read earlier how she wants a new life and a future….an it really hit home, I miss her so much I thought my new life was gonna be with this beautiful girl my future would be with this future girl.

My head hurts it so lost, people are telling me such conflicting stuff and I feel I’m. Being realistic but yet I know I’m so hard on myself….I wanna marry her still cause I do I can’t imagine my future with anyone else and all that happened is completely understandable…..but I’m to scarred to communicate with her but like wise would love too.

Iv zero idea.

This 7 weeks has been a huge rollercoaster Iv learnt loads about myself etc etc not all good but ya need bad to create good, but my feelings for this girl are just ridiculous I also found out how much I did love her….this illness has put a massive scare on her but also has ruined the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
Mental health is the worst situation as a couple you could deal with!!
Life is never simple is it!!!
Happy hump day people 🙂   

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