Still missing her 

6/7 weeks of zero contact and still think about this girl every single day, why?She clearly hates me for the way she dropped me…why would I be interested in that? 

As time has gone on I don’t miss her less I miss her more. I am better in myself great..but still why do I crave a hello or dream about her allllll the time? 

I’m sitting at work on my day off trying concentrate on work but I keep thinking of her and Iv zero idea why?

So much has happened and there’s like a billion things I’d love to share with her yet tbh I don’t think even if she text I could even reply. 

I get mixed thoughts and the input from my friends is varied.

Just I can’t get is why???? Why still?

Well I guess it’s because I genuinely loved her, life is crazy! 

None of this really should be happening at all, an probs the last person I ever thought would be like this, I’m not sure il ever understand what happened.

But life just won’t stop reminding me of her , from places, songs, a Toblerone in the fridge lol 

Who knows, just thought I’d randomly shout out on a Saturday night lol
Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend 🙂 

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