Help me

What’s happening to me…

Iv got home an I couldn’t bring myself to go home I had to drive round the block 7/8 times I didn’t not wanna go in doors negative. I then parked the car and couldn’t open the door I didn’t wanna get out.

Iv come in come to my room closed the door and I can’t stop crying I don’t wanna be here…this is beyound losing a loved one, what’s happening to me??? I sit here an I’m scarred incase someone walks inn I don’t know why, I’m shaking I’m so scared I have no one to talk to no where to turn…I don’t even know what’s happening I can’t unpack my stuff I can’t eat I’m just abso balling my eyes out, I don’t know why? I’m so scarred 😢

What’s happening to me?????

I wish someone would help me! I’m just so scarred 😢

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