My life is a soap opera.

So where I’m at right now. Big steps have been made this week.
My life could be the best TV soap known to man, I grew up getting beaten and unwanted, I move away for 10 years Iv had multiple relationship breakdowns, the last being the hardest my ex got sick so sick she ended up in hospital after months of helping she had enough of me and now her family hate me coz of it too. I have been getting help to help me get trough my violent childhood. Today I hit a few blocks more ignoring more blocking more having my support thrown at me, more ignoring from my dad till the point Iv found out his gonna be to busy to talk again soon as his girlfriend who is younger then me is having a baby girl…and it’s my dads…wtf.
It should be me having a family not him, honestly right now I’m just laughing as this would normally push me over the edge, life is funny it really is, I feel like people get a kick out of misery but Iv made steps I won’t let these things bother me. Iv discovered something about people this week I never realised about humans in general and it’s made me very intrigued.
But you no what I’m gonna smile again soon, I made myself ill through stress, unhappiness through anxiety through depression…and why? Because I thought I should punish myself, never listen to others follow your own head I let others think I should punish myself…. not any longer, I’m not guilty, Iv done nothing wrong.
I sent some advice today, sometimes were to busy looking at the end product to miss the steps we are taking now…all a sudden this after an interesting evening Iv discovered I have made strides not just steps, I don’t need anything. I just need to enjoy myself live life and go with the flow it used to be my saying…time to get back to it. I can’t change yesterday, I don’t care about tomorrow…but il embrace today 🙂

Don’t be taken for granted, you learn so much more when you step back and take stuff in.

Life isn’t shit, life has hurdles some are massive but there just hurdles, clip the hurdles but don’t lie back or people will step over you or on you. Get up and keep running you won’t hit every hurdle if your positive you will make it further.

Don’t give up people 🙂 


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