The next day

So I didn’t sleep a minute last night. I don’t like the day time so I try to be tired to sleep all day but it doesn’t work. I can’t get it out of my head, I’m still be punished and everyone’s being turned against me, I’m an awful human bein. How the hell has this happened??? Like why?
I feel like I’m not punishing myself enough, what should I do? 
This shouldn’t be happening, why is it? Why does everyone hate me? Why do I hate me?
What’s the point in me being alive? So much going on in my head, it was just getting under control…Iv had 3 nearly 4 weeks of this now… my life was great, I went to work and said good bye to her and didn’t realise that would be the beginning of this torture… I need to end the torture, I can’t take anymore, this isn’t a life it’s a mess! 

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