It’s all my fault 

My blogs aren’t meant to show blame, I don’t blame anyone accept the ilness for this nobody. I don’t understand the choices but I can’t blame the individual I never will. There are so many unanswered questions but I guess il just have to live with it. Iv received some very inappropriate criticism but again that not from the individual.

I don’t want this to cause pain I most certainly don’t want read people wanna punish them self. This is a fucked up situstion that has got completly out of hand, everyone is trying to help but they are making our situation worse.

But now I can’t stop blaming myself, I can’t get the words of blame out of my head, I can’t eat, sleep or concentrate on anything as I’m made to feel I’m responsible I can’t get out of my head I’m the reason she draws blood, it makes me physically sick literally. I thought I’d done the best by her all these months but like I keep telling everyone Its all my fault she’s not well 😦
I’ve never felt so awful in my life!!! I hate myself so much!

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