So I’m upset.

I have blocked out of her life because I tried to hard to talk to her, she finished with me after getting very ill and wouldn’t talk to me about it wouldn’t explain anything or answer my questions.

After 4 months of me running around to help her she does this, she literally has nothing to say to me yet when I say she has used me…I’m wrong because it made her cry but infact it’s just the truth it’s so clear for everyone to see. She used me an my family to help her get better then all a sudden hates us all an owes no one an explaintion.

Then to top it off while I’m struggling enough about it her family tx me and tell me it’s my fault, the ilness and her recovery is my fault, so guilt trip someone else into her ilness is bang out of line.

It wasn’t my fault when I stopped her from diing it wasn’t my fault when I helped get her to there wedding it wasn’t my fault when she needed a roof, that’s not fair.

I have been messed around by people all my life so I’m not surprised at all, but this girl I thought was different I believed every word she told me, i believed every dream she told me, but she just used me for my good nature if not this wouldn’t be happening even if she didn’t wanna be with me a nice person would have valued all Iv done and at least given me an opportunity to answer some of my unanswered questions.

Why are people so evil? Yet make you out to be the bad person? This is a new even for me, I feel sick!!!

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