#day3 where would I like to be in 10 years.

So this isn’t the best blog as I’m about to go to sleep my life is so exciting I’m going to sleep early so I don’t get bored.
Sooo 10 years my dream has always been to be a commercial airline pilot it’s the childhood dream, it the inner geek in me Iv have a passion for aviation and it means the world to me to try be something I don’t believe I can.

I dream of being settled with a wife I adore, someone who cares as much about me as possible. Someone who wants to wake up and listen to my rubbish everyday lol 

I’m clumsy I do some crazy stuff at times so someone who want a laugh will defo get that with me.

I’d love a family, a sentence I never thought I’d say until my ex girlfriend… secretly dreamed it would happen.

I wanna be a good dad is my dream I wanna give a child/partner the love I have I wanna show the world I’m better then my dad and I want a family so I feel I have somit on this planet.
But these are dreams you think ya close to them all then you lose the lot!! Iv more chance of being the next Donald trump then I have any of them.
Most of all I wanna be free of this anxiety demon I wanna be able to live a normal life and not lose people who I adore!!!

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