#Day2 – The good the bad the ugly about me

Sat day 2 here goes, not a subject I enjoy.

The good, i believe in people, I value people so much because of life events to feel comfortable around people is important so when someone shows me this i repay.

I have a big heart when someone means something to me I will do anything for them I put myself a distant second take them places do stuff because I wanna show them what they mean to me. I still now spend every second worrying about someone who currently hates me yet I can’t stop myself worrying about her that I believe is a good thing to have a big heart. 

I care to much tho and this moves me to the bad, I care so much I begin to worry about someone so much I forget I’m living my life I spend all my time trying to make others happy I let my self get in a rut and I let people walk over me and I even apologise for it and that’s because I’m simple I like a simple life.

The ugly….anxiety, I found myself recently trying so hard for something that I couldn’t stop, something that was nothing and I could stop and I was losing control I began to say stuff I didn’t mean to get any reaction just to hear from someone, now that’s bad when ya care that much but the more I was being horrible the more I was hating myself the more I was worrying… I had a full on panic attack I was on my own and petrified I was shaking, couldn’t breath, I was in a mess and it took me hours to calm down this the ugly my brain my anxiety turns me into somit I’m not, my only way of coping is with people around me and I no longer have anyone….but hey that’s a different thing 🙂
Hope day 2 was okay 🙂

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